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May 30, 2010



I have enjoyed reading your blog since about 2006, if I remember right. What you have shared here has widened my horizons, and I appreciate it. I will miss you and your writing.

the L-girl

I was late to your blogs but have been inspired by them and your ability to be brave enough to put your thoughts out there especially about Central Australia - always so controversial whatever way you view it. But I'm enjoying the Melbourne cafe stories too.


Never say never! I'm certainly keeping you on my blogroll and will check back in regularly, just in case. And ... isn't there an argument for keeping up the discussion of indigenous issues in the city too? But yeah, the blogging impulse is an irregular and unpredictable one: I do get that.


Thanks, everyone. Part of the problem is that I do so much at the computer anyway, so I feel something has to go before my eyes or my neck give way.

Yes, there is an argument for discussion of urban Indigenous issues tho I don't know that I'm the one to do it. Just a tad weary of the whole area and tempted to be overly cynical about certain things, like the overemphasis on semantics and the feeling I get sometimes that things in the city are more about the politics between certain factions and organisations than anything else, tho that could quite possibly said by an outsider looking at Alice too.

But it is possible that I could start a new blog altogether, so stay tuned. Or write the occasional blogpost in facebook.


El, you should be able to export your blog from Typepad and then import it to either Blogspot or as a free platform - I definitely think you should archive it!


Thanks for the years of interesting viewpoints. Best wishes for the future... I too shall keep you on my blogroll... jic :-)

Regards, Ian.


Yes, as you know I don't blog any more though a very interesting thing happened to me recently - one of the people whose dog I'd adopted found me through the blog which still sits in cyberspace and we met, a very emotional meeting for us both. I've had two blogging incarnations (well, three if you count LP, which I should); the second was for a specific time abroad. I loved doing that blog, with its very concise purpose. Recently I toyed with the idea of doing a specific health blog, but the health impairment somewhat precludes that ;-) (Yes, doing all this computer work is not good for the middle-aging body.) Reading back over my blog, I'm very glad to have written it and hypothetically I'd love to still be doing it but ... the zeitgeist has changed.

ampersand duck

I agree with lots that has been said here: transfer over to a free blog and keep it archived that way; I'm not taking you off the blogroll either, just in case :); and thank you for all the quality reading! (And a new friend or two!)

Would be lovely if you could think up a new blogging motivation, but I guess FB is a good alternative.


Well, it looks like wordpress or something like that, when I have a spare moment. Genevieve -- i was sorta sitting on the offer, trying to configure it in my mind, but I probably will look at a free-blogging platform.

If/when I move, I'll post links, etc.

I think that with the 0.8 job, the script and the book, I spend more than enough time at the computer, for any aging body (physios are never impressed). I've thought of short-blogging -- random thoughts of about 100 words, but might as well use FB for that.

Like the dog story, Suze!


You should ask the Pandora archive at the National Library to archive the blog. Then you don't have to worry or maintain it.

I hope you do keep blogging, somewhere or other about whatever.

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