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April 15, 2010



Just to say: our pizza place and the nursery we go to (both in St Georges Rd) keep our cards in the box by the till. But they're not big chainstores, so maybe that's the difference...

The other long funky northern street strip is of course Lygon St. So much so that if you say the restaurant or bar is in Lygon St, it's increasingly assumed it's the Brunswick end, not the Carlton end. That's a huge shift. In saying this, I realise how incredibly parochial that sounds. But that's what we're talking about here, isn't it?

I must be tired, because I'm suddenly also getting a huge rush of defamiliarisation about "nursery". Is that a word used in other countries for the place you buy plants? Or just here?


Even Coburg North (along with Preston and dare I say some of Resevoir)is kind of cool now. Which I never, ever expected. We thought we had moved far beyond the flannelette curtain.


How long has there been a Dymocks in Alice? I'm trying to remember if I ever went there.


Stupid Deb Cameron on 702ABC Sydney tried this week to demonstrate how friendly Sydney people were (because Barack Obama thought we were friendly). She totes missed the point. Sydney is an abusive and rude city that only seems friendly if you come from Chicago. Whereas Melbourne is genuinely friendly.

What team are you gonna barrack for El?


Well, it seems I must head further north into the wilds of East Brunswick and Coburg, then.

Stephanie -- I googled 'nursery' and found some 'plant nurseries' in America (you've probably done something like this now). Like you, I might have thought it was a British-derived term or an Australian-only version of one.

Mindy -- Dymocks was there the whole six years I lived in Alice. But I do remember visiting Alice before then, and Dymocks not existing -- at least not in Alice Plaza.

Dr Naomi -- I don't know why Sydney should be less friendly. Perhaps it's the terrible public transport. You'd think the larrikin/convict ethos would mean Sydney people are more outgoing, but maybe they're simply less genteel than Melburnians.

I always barracked for Norths in the past, a team I chose on a whim, but turned out to be a good choice at the time. Maybe I should switch to Collingwood, given that it's Yuendumu's team (that might be too much of a switch).

Francis Xavier Holden

The only place I know that uses a box of cards is the cat food shop. And we have two cards - one for Euks and one for IAMs (I like to change around and think up diets for the cats) then after 10 bags of expensive food we get a free bag and a useful giveaway every now and then.

It's all in Ms FXs name or the cats - very confusing. I keep forgetting the name and I think they think any male buying cat food is suss. Or maybe its the Dad's Jokes and puns I keep making to the teenaged workers. I keep arksing them why it isn't computerised - they just look at me.

Francis Xavier Holden

Come out to Preston if you want to be the only white person in the queue. The other day I was the only person not in a full burkha in the butchers queue. Ok there were only 3 of us in the queue but ...


Can any good come out of Preston?

Jenny P

Oi! Be careful what you're implying there. Though I was born in Brunswick and crawled through Coburg, I spent my best years all over Preston: High Street, Plenty Road, Murray Road, Tyler Street State School, West Preston State School and Preston Girls' High School.


All my grannies lived in Preston at some time or another. But they could not really be said to have 'come out' of it (rather, Swan Hill and Badaginnie respectively).
Nice post title, though!


About Dymocks - I asked hubby if he remembered it and he did, just near Bi-Lo. I remembered being disappointed at how small it was then. Somehow it just didn't seem big enough to comfortably browse. Then when the eldest was little I couldn't browse because he was pulling everything off the shelves.

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