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March 06, 2010



It is simply one of the many benefits of not relinquishing one's birth surname (whether one is currently cohabiting with a differently surnamed person or not) - it cuts telecanvassers off at the knees.

Bwca Brownie

You are not sad or mad, you are right.

except for your answer to "can I speak to the Man Of The House?"
where the correct answer is
"You are.

(Singapore owns OPTUS and also owns Origin Utilities. Two phone calls from the despot can bring this country to it's knees)


But I'm not a man, and I find such a phrase very fifties, reminiscent of Mad Men.

It would be different if they said, 'could we speak to any men between the ages of 25 and 50 in your house?'


I don't think I've ever had one ask for 'the man of the house'. Amazing.
However, yesterday I got a call, complete with large pause beforehand 'Hi, this is Helen. How are you?'
No opening patter about where she was from, no nothing! assumption that anyone can call me anytime and ASK HOW I AM. What f*cking impertinence.


Yeah, they're definitely getting more crafty. It's cos there's so many of them competing to get your ear.


I take the easy way out - I'm just f^%&$ing rude to everyone on answering the phone.

Francis Xavier Holden

Well - I often get "Is that Mr. (Ms.notcalledFX)" just as Ms.(notcalledFX) gets "Hello is that Mrs FX"

- it is strangely satisfying knowing one isn't fibbing at all by saying NO.

And most calls I get are from the Philippines.

re: THE GIRLS. Sounds an ok ending but not immediately recognisable names of places -even for Australians - and I assume you are going for an international - if english speaking audience.

In keeping with so many sad real life incidents they could both die by crashing headlong into each other while traveling at high speed without helmets - in the dark escaping from ... their demons perhaps - or coming around a sharp blind corner.


Well, that is sounding very Unbearable Lightness of Being and certainly far removed from the rom-com genre.

I'm divided between chucking in idiosyncratic locale names, bits of language and local idiom to give it that Territorian flavour and thinking I'm marginalising myself too much.

After all, how much rapsta jargon, etc, have we had to put up with over the years?

Francis Xavier Holden

I'm beginning to think that not having ever watched a "rom com" it might be a drawback in "workshopping" story lines and themes, narrative sweep, rising action, falling action, denouement, grand gestures and resolution.



But haven't you even seen Bringing Up Baby?


FXH - you aren't suggesting one needs knowledge and understanding and experience and so on to offer opinions on how another should go about their work are you? Because honestly, if you are, my whole reason for being just disappeared in a puff of something or other.


TC -- you won't be in Adelaide on Weds night by any chance, will you?

Francis Xavier Holden

I do believe I have never knowingly watched a rom com.

Unless Curb counts - ?

TC -yes and I suppose blogs and the Internet would be redundant too.


Do you mean this Wednesday?
No. Possibly October though...


Yes, I meant Tomorrow.

Who knows? I may well frequent Adelaide more often, once it's 750 km closer.


If I hear that 'international phoneline' pause when I answer the phone, I hang up straightaway as I know it will be a call centre.

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