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March 25, 2010



I lived around this spot for decades and still have a place there. Wander the trail along Merri Creek to Ceres and further to Coburg lakes.... Take a wander down to Dight's Falls down near the Convent in Abbotsford. These are natural falls - about a metre high and were used by the Dight's in their effort to power a flour mill built around the time of have found a lovely spot to live...
Watch out for bike riders though!

Pavlov's Cat

"Sebastiane said to me, 'What are you going to do? Sit in your flat surrounded by Aboriginal art, watching TV, taking photos and looking out the window with a telescope?'"

She says that like it's a BAD thing.

ampersand duck

Classic Melbourne thing to be shocked by: not having a bodum! Happy flatting, sounds like you made the right choice.


Have fun in your new region. I agree with Pavlov's Cat, and would enjoy all of those things if only I had enough Aboriginal art.


Well, in response to Christine, BE the bike rider! There are miles and miles of bike paths connected to the Merri. If you keep going down the path she mentions you can end up in Southbank, then keep going and do a lovely big loop through docklands, around the zoo and back to the creek through princes park. Takes me just over two hours: I suspect you'll be a lot faster.

Hope all goes well for the big move. And by the way, the vets in Scotchmer St are excellent (and have a cattery on site)...


Thx, peeps, especially for the cattery tips. S -- I have ridden part of that Merri Creek path through to Royal Park before and am eager to explore more.

I bought a chicken fillet from the poultry shop opposite Piedimonte's last night, as I was in a hurry on my way home from work, and it was divine -- so tasty after the chicken that gets shipped into Alice Springs.

Now that I'm back packing, I'm realising that I have rather more books than I mother did warn me.


I try not to covet other people's lives (grass is always greener and all that)...but I always feel slightly envious of you when I read your blog. Maybe I'm just envious of anyone who isn't living in the world's ugliest city. But I do have a bodum.


WELCOM YOLE! and I must remember to send you a funny email about bodums soon.
A little bird told me this move was imminent, and I agree, you're in the coffee triangle of hepness. All you really need is one of those one cup tea infuser thingys.
Is it jealousy, TC, or is it the high Rasselas quotient in the blogposts?
(BTW I have a bodum and the wire strainer hurts my fingers whenever I'm stupid enough to use it and wash it afterwards.)


AHEM Typepad called me by my alias there.


Yeah...will catch up soon, as I keep on promising people.

There's no need for bodums, living in the coffee triangle of NF, NC & CH.

I used to have a tea hull.

Was the the little boird's initials 'ML' by any chance?


That would be the boid in question.
Tea hull, what a lovely expression. I do like that.


Welcome to Melbourne! I'm jealous - I used to live on the far edge of North Fitzroy, near Merri Creek, and I adore that part of Melbourne. Miss long walks along the creek to Ceres and Clifton Hill and High St, Northcote. You will - as it seems you already know - love it.

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