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March 13, 2010



My favourite memory of Coober Pedy was a beautiful teenaged girl at the supermarket checkout singing along with the radio, "all I wanna do, is have some fun.." Still see it, 20+ years later.


As a New Strayan I haven't seen the Centre or the NT yet but, I discovered, neither have most of the 20 Aussie-born people I work with. And, unlike me, they're not especially interested in seeing them either. Once has worked in Darwin, and hated it, two have been to a conference there, one has holidayed in the Alice and loved it. Other than that, zilch. Huh.


Well, that's a great shame, M-H. I have a theory that Austn cities and regional centres are very insular because of the distance between them, and that people often think their slice of Australia is 'it', as a result.


One day I will have to make it west of Dubbo! Since I'm in the UK for three years, though, that may have to wait. (It's looking like I'll see Anatolia before Alice.)

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