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March 09, 2010



Drive safe Elsewhere.


Drive safe, have adventures, and tell us about them!


I'd like to be able to think in longer arcs, whatever that means... and Olive Park gardens is a beautiful name! Have a good trip.

Account Deleted

I've never been up Annie Meyer hill. Must go with camera and recorder in hand to see what kind of birds are up there. That's an iconic Alice Springs view. You seem to be giving hints of leaving, not just on a Road Trip, but on a more permanent basis, no?


I can't believe you've never been up AM Hill, Tj! At last, I'm one up on you.

My version of permanent is probably other people's temporary. Life is a road trip and all that.


I thought it would be on the (a) bike. On those flat roads in cool weather you could do 150 - 200ks a day


Coming down a few hills, I've thought this would be good on teh the right weather, of course.

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