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February 15, 2010



Hear hear!

Only part I envy is that I've never got to travel for my country, but am surrounded by those who have. I've only ever seen the inside of a Qantas club once or twice. Sigh. Slight digression - when I got inside the one in canberra I realised why there were (at that stage) no decent cafes outside: everyone was a frequent flyer.


Ironically, I've just been offered a platinum FF card today by ANZ -- however it is just connected to them, not the Qantas Club!


I loved this movie. The precision of his movements, the polish that is not quite real, the 'what happens on tour stays on tour' mentality he passes on to the girl, and the way she finds her morality, after all that happens. The sheer energy that goes into that life, but above all, I covet that privacy. It's the privacy that allows you to write solid for three hours. You just don't get that at home.


but then, of course, I don't really want that ... and I like the way the movie leaves that question open too


And the anonymity, on top of the privacy.

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