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February 28, 2010



DAMN - I Did not know Dominic West was on that penicillin show. Husband was sneakily watching the srsly botoxed woman on the other channel who has to work hard for her money.
The boredom and lack of structure is the complete pox on staying home-ness, I have to say. Always cool to be looking at life from both sides thanks to your perspective, though.
In other news (and cutting said boredom perfectly) - Timothy has some great mixes going down! check 'em out.

Francis Xavier Holden

yeah ok ok - but what the hell are "The Girls" doing now with the floods, no electrickily and such in Alice.

Do "The Girls" have commitmentphobia? whatever that is.

Or are they in NYC or Scranton New Jersey or New Zealand or perhaps Royston Vasey in denial?

(I've decided denial is the new all encompassing word - can mean what ever you want)

Francis Xavier Holden

I think I just spotted the girls in NYC in denial big time.

Francis Xavier Holden

I suppose the Todd in flood is a bit like denial - you with the cats on a barge doing a Cleopatra.


That's a great image.
I'm just overthinking things because I'm a stay-at-home without enough distractions.
The girls have only just met because we're back in Act 1. But they're slated to meet up
in NYC en route to Aspen. At least one of them is in denial and the other is possibly projecting.

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