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January 11, 2010


Pavlov's Cat

Did you see her in Mamma Mia? Another charmingly absurd later midlife romantic plot thingy. But why, oh why, did they let Pierce Brosnan sing?

Also, tx for confirming my prejudices, erm, suspicions about Bright Star.


No, does she cook pasta for everyone?

I gave MM a miss, even tho it was on in Alice. My mother's comment, after I forced her to watch Juno: 'Well dear, this was much better than Mamma Mia, which XXX made me watch.'

Many of the reviews of BS are very positive, so perhaps I'm being too harsh (as usual). You might get more out of it than me, as you know much more about the period.

Pavlov's Cat

I can't remember whether she cooks pasta or not, but she is certainly a mother-earth figure and there's a certain amount of stylised housework. The movie is worth seeing, if one is interested in Meryl, to hear her sing and watch her high-energy dance routines, which considering that she's in her late 50s should cheer every woman up. There's also a proper actor's performance from Colin Firth and a brilliant turn by the great Christine Baranski.


I found the Lovely Bones difficult to assess as I too, had read the book. I thought the movie overall was pretty good. Alex (the 15 year old), spent the whole movie playing paper scissors rock with himself. No foe everyone, I guess.
AND PS: read a recent interview with jane Campion. In her early 50's, she characterises herself as 'unfuckable'. Harsh, yes?


Yes, well, I imagine she might be a bit daunting, rather than unf&ck*blw.

But look at Susan Sarandon! Go Susan.

Overall, I thought LB was good, esp the attention to 70s/80s detail. It seemed a bit long tho I thought a lot of the extraneous heaven stuff had been well left out. I didn't think it conveyed the sense of the implosion of the family after the death of a child quite as well as the book does.

P.S. Be warned that if you see It's Complicated, the family scenes with the adult kids are a bit droopy at times.

Pavlov's Cat

I haven't read the Campion interview, but if I (from the lofty perspective of my mid-fifties) were to use the word '*nf*ckable' about myself or any of my contemporaries, I would be using it in mockery of those for whom f*ck*bility is any kind of serious concept. Either she's being ironic or she's caved in to the abject self-deprecation of the sub-cougar. If the latter, sad.

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