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January 30, 2010



How annoying. And yes, your bitemarks look painful. I would be tempted to report them to council, saying in a self righteous tone, "I don't mind for MYSELF but just imagine if it had been a CHILD".

(Although presumably Alice council would just laugh. They Do Things Differently Out There)

I'm sure dog people are like kid people. There's always a Reason that our offspring/dogspring have behaved appallingly, and it must have something to do with you. Because they are just angelic with me.


That's unfortunate and looks painful. Get Well Soon (and cool also).


Oh dear, I hope you get full value out of the bruises while they last, but I hope that they don't last very long.


Thanks...I don't know, Molly, there's always room for a pedantic, self-righteous blast to or on Council about some minor issue.

Francis Xavier Holden

My mother was attacked by some dogs when she was young and the 6 or so big holes in her thigh stayed forever. They were big clear depressions you could put your thumb in.

So my family has always been a bit sensitive to dog owners who always say - " S/he won't hurt you" - like buggery.

I'd write the Angry of Mayfair letter and point out it could have been a kid or a granny. Dead.

Ever dog that has killed or mauled someone has been "friendly" and "good with kids"

Francis Xavier Holden

Oh and even if the dog won't kill you - owners should be aware of the fear factor.

A great many large (and even small yappy ones) dogs have their main purpose to inspire fear amongst non owners.

This intimidation is deliberate or at the very least uncaring and hostile


Sensitive hippies, they no idea about the fear a little white terrier thing can cause.

I used to let my Staffordshire bull terrier off the leash when I was in the bush, but I always put him back on round other dogs and people, because I knew what he could do. I was only ten.

How about 'Angry of the Gap' or 'Militant of the Southside'?

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