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January 28, 2010



Instead of a pig pendant, you could get a pig tattoo. Heck, I could get a pig tattoo, but I was born in the year of the pig, so maybe I don't need it? Anyway, i'm always talking about getting tattoos that I have no intention of getting. Then I do get tattoos kindof at random... or rather I got 2 of them at random. It's not like this is a regular occurance.

Also, it is brilliant and inspiring to me to think that for some people, the start of a new year is denoted by wickedly hot weather rather than this half-and-half bitter cold and dreary soggy weather we've been having.


Likewise, I can't imagine what it's like to go thru a cold wet time at the end of the year, tho I did go to NY for Susannah's residency this time two years ago. i do wonder whether it inspires the same degree of withdrawal and contemplation, tho I think your holiday season is maybe shorter than ours.

I have the whole tattoo thing bad, in that I angst over whether I should get one for ages, but I never do. Same thing about the spelling of my name. But there won't be a pig tattoo, that's for sure. I'm a snake, anyway...


hmmm, I'd wear the pig pendant if I were you. Why take unnecessary risks?


Laura, your wedding was of course one of the high-points of 2009!

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