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November 27, 2008



"something surely rivalled only by B K Iyengar"

That is hilarious.

Pavlov's Cat

"One feels like crying out: 'Die Diver Dan, die!'"


Fantastic post otherwise, though.


Thank goodness Nullah didn't learn "Dancing Queen", though.
First time I read those opening paras I thought it said Jean PIAGET. Wicked review, marm.


Thank you, relieved I don't need to go and see it now.


Oh I wouldn't say don't go. Just be prepared for a 3.5 rather than a 4 star experience.

Tony Tea

"One feels like crying out: 'Die Diver Dan, die!'"


If one character was guaranteed to drive me screaming from the TV it was D-Dan and his too cool for dive-school guru.


I know how you feel. I always thought she should have gone for Shaun Micallef.


Loved the post El. Havent seen it yet, but suspect i will enjoy reading / rereading the post more than the film itself. All the themes you comment on seem to be what the film was always going to be..

Am v much looking forward to seeing our Hugh tho, despite our Nic still being on the screen. i was one of those bizarrely die hard fans of our Nic until a couple of years ago (when she turned into plastic), and i even *really liked* the hours (tho except we didnt need the plasic nose). but honestly, i can now accept that she is a taut cardboard cut out and i am sure there are a million other actors who couldnt have played this role... frances oconnor maybe?

will annoy you further with real comments when i've actually seen it.


This is such an excellent account. Thank you. I found it a deeply confused film, and wondered if anyone had thought about the fact that triumph for the heroes meant successfully driving 1500 stressed and thirsty cows to live export and slaughter.

My co-film-goer observed that Drover's dog was called Jedda, a dubious mechanism for foregrounding Australia's debt to Jedda.

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