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August 03, 2008



When I heard E.T. was in it I thought she'd be doing her usual age-defying thing and playing Julia, but after reading this I realise she must have been playing Lady Marchmain - much more sensible. Lady M. is for my money the most memorable character in the book, pretty hard to spoil really but also hard to displace the memory of Claire Bloom in the Granada.

My other favourite character is Charles's father - who did they have stepping into Gielgud's shoes? Or did they cut the character altogether?...that would be a pity.

Pavlov's Cat

I'll go and see it for Fragrant Emma (wish someone would call ME fragrant. Note to self: get that level in the Chanel No. 5 bottle going down faster) but it doesn't sound like there's much other reason.

Re J. Irons, I could never see the looks myself (stick-like limbs, lips of string, flaccid hair and the big black circles under the eyes -- nah) but as for acting -- I thought he was fantastic in that rather nasty movie Damage, viciously shagging Juliette Binoche against his better judgement and looking as if he was about to spontaneously combust.


He was also rather good (twice over) in "Dead Ringers". He has a good line in perverts.


Jeremy Irons has a wonderful voice though, Pav, and he used it so well in BR where there was all that voiceover to be made bearable.

I'm pleased to hear it's so horrible, El. Calling it Hooperisation seems to be perfectly apt. The director's last offering was Becoming Jane which sucked enormously. It also had a sort of psued Revel at which the woman receives erotic awakening by looking at extras rushing about in masks.


Angus -- I think patrick malahide plays edward ryder.the character was like a corruption of Mr Bennet and the gielgud performance.

Actually, I thought Irons was well-suited to his role in Lolita, which supports the pervert theory.

Rushing about in masks? not leftovers from Eyes Wide Shut, I hope.

David Kubiak

Castle Howard is not, by the way, "the home of the most powerful Catholic family in the country." The Howards who own it are the Protestant branch of the family; the Catholic branch which holds the Dukedom of Norfolk failed in the male line and is now called Fitzalan-Howard. Their ancestral seat is Arundel Castle.

This movie only proves that Waugh's remaining children inherited from their father the willingness to do almost anything for money. It is a complete travesty of the book.

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