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June 02, 2008



I'd almost think we shared a house ten years ago, only my housemate was done for social security fraud and the cause was anti-uranium mining.


thanks el! done.

can't say i envy you the sputum suction.


Heh, well I did live with Marxists in Manchester who were always popping off to be part of the fall of the Berlin wall or flying on Aeroflot via Belfast to help out on the coffee plantations of Nicaragua, that kind of thing. The opposite end of the spectrum, I know.


Thanks for doing the meme. Senior/Policy Officer is a pretty serious sounding job title. I will also leave the washing up for three days, but here it rains often enough that that usually means the clothes get a nice rainwater rinse. My poor husband had to wear mismatched socks to work because all of his socks were outside this morning in a downpour.


we have no downpours here!

Kath Lockett

Great meme - I found yours via Jabberwocky, who tagged me. Hmmm, your sputum sunctioning has won over my worst job - cucumber polisher!


Thanks for tagging me. Great procrastination material this afternoon to distract from an article I was meant to be writing!

I like the things you'd do if you were a billionaire. And I've just done that thing with my washing ... which means my clothes are currently soggy and on the line. Damn.

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