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May 23, 2008



I have a very high tolerance for trash television, but Ladettes to Ladies scares me a bit. Plus, it's on Channel 9 which I'm boycotting in a highly effective campaign to make them do something about S*m Newm*n


We've been watching 'Don't Forget the Lyrics' on C10 and it's surprisingly watchable for someone (me) who barely watches tv any more.


I just bet I'm a cello. I quite like that, actually.

Did I tell you my parents sent me to finishing school? I'm the only lesbian I know who knows how to apply all four layers of makeup and that you should never open a car door for yourself (sit and wait, or fumble with the door handle slightly to give the hint...forever if necessary...) and that when you enter a room you should pause, briefly, so that those already in the room can stop and admire your beauty.


Mikhela! How have you not blogged this? You must!


Ladette to Lady is terrifying. I got briefly hooked on it and ordered The Husband to just turn it off so I couldn't watch it anymore. Those women (the finishing school ones) are horrible and as far as I can tell, there is no incentive to be on the show. You learn how to do things like needlework and cooking fancy old fashioned meals of the kind people don't eat anymore, learn to arrange flowers, speak properly (including erasing accents) and get bossed to death by awful women who are hardly role models. And wear the most horrible clothes in the world. Then get judged and eyed over by 'model' young men who are actually sexist prats who would never associate with these girls off camera except for one reason. The ladettes seem to - most of them - have genuine self-esteem issues that need to be dealt with (and drinking problems - which are always fuelled when they give them booze or send them to the pub and leave them alone). And then these women tell them they're no good and shout at them. I don't get it. Car crash TV.


I'm writing to tag you with a meme. The whole thing is over on my blog.


There are four layers of makeup? Wow.


I've been told you have to mix lipstick.

Pavlov's Cat


I've been known (though not lately) to wear foundation, concealer, powder, blush, lippy, mascara, eyeliner and three colours of eye shadow all at the same time -- but I still can't quite see 'layers' in there. Unless it's the first four things in that list. Mikhela, I need to know more.

Elsewhere -- mix lipstick? Do they just mean outline with a pencil and then fill in with lippy or gloss (guaranteed to leave you with a clown line round your mouth after all your lippy has come off during dinner), or something more arcane?


No, it's all about blending 2 + colours to achieve the appropriate shade for your complexion.

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