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April 19, 2008


Pavlov's Cat

I LOL'd in several places here. (Except the line about having spent too long in Adelaide -- oh hardy har. Serves you right that you missed the bit of the Adelaide Cello Festival I went to yesterday -- the young Chinese/Malay/Australian identical-twin cello virutosi playing Tan Dun's Crouching Tiger cello symphony, which was fabulous, and totally sold out. These delights are two a penny in Adders.)

I particularly enjoy the way that you start out saying you couldn't possibly write a shopping list and before you know it he's lined you up with a hypothetical olive-skinned cooker of Tex-Mex between 6'1" and 6'3" with a good chest and an appreciation of at least one EM Forster novel, which is actually a pretty specific order.

They'd have to elicit from me the same way, asking for ideals -- hair black, eyes blue, skin biscuit to olive but not pale and freckly like me, height anything from 5'6" to 6'3", weight not too skinny please but not gross and preferably in better shape than me, musical would be lovely, tolerant of my drama queen ways, excellent sense of humour not negotiable, and definitely no silicon of any kind, anywhere, ever. I can't even cope with men who colour their hair. (Can I be alone in thinking Keith Urban looks like the utterly worst kind of fake prat? Apart from anything else I bet that's not his real name.)

I had forgotten (if I ever knew) that you liked Forster. I wrote my Honours thesis on him in 1976. And I think A Passage to India is still the go-to book, even now, when you're trying to navigate your way through some Indian/Western misunderstanding, as in the recent cricket debacle.


E, I don't think it was the you that is unleashed with a few drinks inside you that made the other firey's mother look at you with bemusement/horror. What an amazing conversation!

I wonder whether a cinema in Alice would be interested in joining the Met in HD family? ( ) I went to a great screening of La Bohème yesterday, direct from New York. Highly recommended.


I guess what fascinates me about above exchange is that altho most of us have types we're screening for (as it were), most of us don't think we can get what we want on our wish list (and if we did, we would want to?) Whereas these fireys just thought they could go and order what they wanted online...and seemed kind of wittingly oblivious to the racial politics, etc, tho they knew Australian women wouldn't ever conform to what they wanted (even with olive skin?). The firey in question was a fairly good looking guy -- well-presented, able to hold a conversation (of sorts) -- you'd think he'd be very acceptable to local women, at first or second glance at least (maybe not when they got to know about the silicon.)

PC - yes, definitely no hair dye and ponytails are borderline, too.

Tigtog -- thanks for telling me about the Met season thing. Er, we could try...the local cinemas here tend to be resistant to even sensible suggestions.


I suspect if you went to that site looking for a man you'd end up with a boy


this post is hilarious. you should have a few drinks more often...


I think we have types we *think* we are screening for, but we actually end up with someone else entirely...over and over and over again...


Yeah, but is that the case for men? I think the firey's attitude about 'getting what he wanted' -- i.e. his type -- is fairly typical for men. They think they should get what they asked for from Santa.

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