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January 28, 2008



Can I come with you next time?


What you're doing sounds just as difficult, and much more useful, than straightforward academic stuff anyway - you're working on things people actually read. I think you're right - it should be taught more. I muse about writing non-fiction for broader audiences sometimes, but I've never thought hard about how to go about doing it.

Sounds like you're having an amazing time. I love breakfast in America, I can never quite take it seriously.


The breakfast at this pizzeria is just fantastic -- and it usually only costs about $3.

TC -- there's probably room under the adjustable IKEA-style beds at Gopher. That's if we get across the border.


"I love breakfast in America, I can never quite take it seriously," is a hillarious statment to me. Would love to hear more on that. Here's hoping mini-res goes well for you. Mine's next month!


heh - it's because they really do eat bagels with cream cheese, and they eat blueberry pancakes and bacon and maple syrup at the same time! great fun.


C'mon, Meli -- they eat breakfast like that in NZ too!


Funny thing is, I don't eat breakfast like that. Ok, maybe once in a while, like on Christmas morning. However, I must admit that Americans have earned our reputation for gluttony... I wish we could shake it though.


do they? i don't know any new zealanders.

and i've only ever been in america on holiday (and not that often - i'm not an expert!). it's all a big novelty for me, like being inside a film. i suppose if you're in england on holiday you'd think everyone ate sausages and eggs and black pudding (eww) every morning.

i've lived with loads of americans and they didn't eat that stuff for breakfast. but they did have a tendency to drink diet coke or dr pepper for breakfast, which i do think is weird...


oh - just had to add - norwegians eat the best breakfast of all. brown cheese (it's sweet and kind of tastes like caramel) on bread with honey or jam. yum yum yum!!!

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