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October 22, 2007



I could possibly be in love with him, but I'm saving myself for Tony Jones and/or James Spader. I feel it would be indecent to just keep adding to my list.


Tony Jones? I'm guessing he'd be thrilled to know it1


James Spader was so beautiful once - what happened?
I've given up on Idol this year. I'll admit it - straight out prejudice against Christians. Plus no one holds a match to Damien Leith, who's about the only contestant ever who could actually sing. (Only contestant who was a professional, too, as far as I know. And he's now had a novel published, which I assume you won't be reading in your book group.)


Come on, now -- there's more to being an Idol than just singing!


Tony Jones? TONY JONES? 3C has a thing for blokes who can't sit up straight does she?


I can understand it, esp late at night. A friend who used to work here at the ABC said that TJ would be very hard to film because of all the lurching over the desk he does.


James Spader is still gorgeous and I've got a bit of a lean myself.
Sorry, elsewhere I've totally derailed your comments.


I think that's fine, given the context.

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