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October 23, 2007



ON the chaser:

Wouldn't the position of these guys be that 'too much irony is barely enough'? I have always thought the chasers a bit hit and miss, but often amusing.

I feel almost disappointed that the chasers can't achieve more. In terms of their indiscriminate approach, I would think this insulates them from more sustained criticism - if they are indiscriminate then their irony is all encompassing and without agenda. But, this dilutes or even extinguishes any commentary or message (notwithstanding that satire can be ambiguous, as you discuss) and leaves us with what? bad taste??

and would they be so popular if they had an agenda?


OMG you ARE Mr G. I knew I'd seen a version of him somewhere before (but I thought it was me.)


TPS - I thought your comment a while ago that the Chasers was just like the Sydney Uni Law Revue writ large pretty well summed things up.

i don't know about the more / less popular with an agenda question. There have been some popular shows with agendas tho certainly, a more subtle agenda is always preferable as far as I'm concerned.

I don't know that anything I've said above makes that much sense (I'm v addled at the moment)'s probably just that I like a tight and clever conceit, more than anything else.

Francis Xavier Holden

Those with a loose trope..

ooh Mrs Slocum - I feel a Carry On moment coming on


What do you think?
Especially now that some of the parallels are now unparalleled (apologies for possibly have too many or two few 'l's in the parallels).


I meant what do you think of the final.

Pavlov's Cat

I found the final quite disturbing, especially the Jonah strand. ('Come and get me, car!')

As for which character we are, I'm the English teacher who went off her tree at Jonah last week. That or the headmistress, depending what day it is.


I don't think any of us were that satisfied by the Jonah thread last night. Jonah is maybe the most empathetic character in the series but his life has taken something of a tragic turn into 'real reality' rather than 'satiric reality' over the past couple of weeks. He's the 'real' victim of 'the system', etc. I think I would have liked some more appropriate comic resolution of his would have been nice to see him get more of his own back at 'the system', other than just tagging all the cars. (I am in trouble for sending Jonah tags --with the assistance of the ABC website -- to the local land council & legal aid myself.)

I thought the finale was overdone, in some respects, and underdone in others. I didn't get a lot of joy from the Mr G musical -- the narcissism was thoroughly predictable and heavyhanded, tho I did get some joy from the sight of Celine on wheels. The Ja'mie thread was probably the most apt in its resolution, tho likewise overly predictable.

What we need now is for Mr G to get a gig at Hilford Girls and Jonah and his dad to become cleaners there.

As for typology, hmm, maybe I'm David Powlett-Jones from To Serve Them All My Days rather than Mr G (sorry about obscure TV reference -- I have an encyclopaedic knowledge of British TV dramas from around 1975-85, thanks to my mother's influence).


I agree with PC re: 'the jonah strand'. i think i also wanted more action, eg:

- ja'aime pashing the teacher who made her give the money to AIDS
- celine dying (again)
- jonah doing a nudie run through young uptight teacher's classroom
- the lesbians crashing the formal

And the big question is, as El has queried already - what will lilley do next? what SHOULD he do next?


Actually, I'm quite possibly the woman who works at Gumnut Cottage -- now there's a scary thought!


You do know (do you?) that the disclaimer is because the name of the student who ODed in an early episode was the same as a woman who actually did OD this year in Syd and her family complained ... so art did imitate life a bit too closely.


Yes, but wasn't it the case that they had gone into production on the series before that story even broke?


Am just catching up after some time in Canada. Thought you might be interested in a sit-com just starting there - wonderfully titled " Little Mosque on the Prairie".

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