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August 16, 2007



I'd forgotten this... Whenever I go to the states people comment on my accent and ask if I'm English. When I say I'm from NZ they invariably exclaim: "Oh, Noo Zeeelan! I've heard it's sooo beeyoodiful there!" As I'm going to visit agsain in about 6 weeks I'd better start practising my kind smile and pleasant 'Thank you" now, I suppose. I once got into quite an unpleasant situation with a woman who insisted that Sydney was "so beeyoodiful" - her father had been here in The War and had told her so. I counterclaimed that I'd thought her home state *Vermont) was one of the most beeyoodiful places I'd ever been, and that Sydney was a bit of a mixed bag these days. She got very angry, claiming that she knew (courtesy of her father) that "Orstrailya" was by far the most beautiful place on god's earth. The 'othering' can take many forms.


I've never related to generic Americans in this way - when I go there, I see people I know. So it's quite fascinating to hear how they "other" you. Otoh, I've struck that "othering" online, so it's not a complete surprise. Fascinating.

Pavlov's Cat

What a top post. One thing though -- it's my understanding that you can't get published without an agent here any more either, unless your book has actually been commissioned by the publisher.


Oh really. I thought, maybe too optimistically, you could still pitch directly to people like A & U and Text.

Pavlov's Cat

Possibly -- there's certainly nothing to stop one having a go. Sophie C would know.

Coy Lurker

Seconding Pavlov here -- Australian publishers have been refusing for years to look at MS without agent referral. (Though there are exceptions-- eg recommendation by another credible party, eg high-profile writer or editor).

sandy webster

Penguin, Text and Allen & Unwin, and possibly other publishers, do accept unsolicited non-fiction proposals. I don't know about the others but Penguin doesn't look at unsolicited fiction - only non-fiction.

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