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August 09, 2007



wow... that's a difficult set of circumstances and options. I'll be really interested to read about how it all goes.


Thanks, Meredith. I have no idea at this stage.


Would it be of any help if I asked some of the CW people in my dept about their takes on the DEST issue? IE how do they propose to get their writing counted as research? Unless you can find a way of making that happen then you're up against it. The worst possible option would be writing stuff you're not specially interested in just for the sake of the research profile. There are refereed higher ed theory journals which would publish articles about teaching CW at Bumbledore, but do you really want to spend your time writing stuff like that?

I do think though El that your cv would make you a very attractive job applicant down south. I feel like I should be trying to get some creative writing experience to make me more employable.


>Would it be of any help if I asked some of the CW people in my dept about their takes on the DEST issue?<

Thanks, Laura. If you could ask even casually, that would be great, or maybe if they'd be prepared to chat with me by email re: the issue. I have been collecting some info on the net re: the issue and thinking of whom I could network with in other depts. But I'm trying to take a few days holiday at the moment!

You could maybe put up a blogging/CNF type course as a CW unit...

I could see myself trying to re-badge a chapter from my MFA each year as a submission to a refereed journal, but no, I don't really want to spend my time in soc-sci type research into CW.


hey el,

some welcome back home.

if you don't know about them, the just-released RQF draft panel-specific guides (august 2007) might be of interest.
panel 13 (creative arts, design and built environment) specifically mentions creative writing and scripts as two forms of research output that will be acceptable. these are more important than the existing DEST guidelines as far as i understand.

Danny Yee


"DEST Definition of Research

The following activities are excluded except where they are used primarily for the support of, or as part of research and experimental development activities:

* literary and artistic activities such as creative writing but note that preparation of an original report on research and experimental development findings is research and experimental development"

I don't know how much wriggle room that leaves. ("activities of students undertaking postgraduate research courses" and "supervision of students undertaking postgraduate research courses" qualify as research, but that seems a bit circular...)

Good luck with whatever you decide, anyway, it sounds like a fairly major crossroads.


Thanks, folks. I'll have a look into these.

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