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July 29, 2007



Glad you liked Washington, and sorry I forgot to tell you that the JFK grave at Arlington is worth the foot-slogging, I found it very moving, even though I'm not a huge fan - nothing against him, just too young. And I agree, Washington by bike would be manageable, by foot it's hard work. Too bad I was there in my pre-bike days!

And I'm sure if nothing else, the course will give you lots of material to write about!!


Now that's a bag of can never get enough mileage out of the supersized american snackfoods, I say.

V glad that you cycled around the city and saw everything by bike, sounds like an eminently sensible idea. And counting down the minutes til we hear about summer camp!!

I remember going to WDC sometime in the 80s with my family, to visit army cousins who were living there. It was freezing winter and we all had to endlessly pile into a sedan and drive around the monuments and walk around in beanies - my brother got in trouble for climbing up (and falling off) a memorialised tank somewhere.

Then, a cousin hurt her ankle badly sliding on a frozen lake and we were all given huge fudge brownies by the next door neighbours. In desparation, my aunt took us to what I remember as the world's biggest shopping mall - where there was a shop dedicated entirely to different kinds and flavours of popcorn. We looked at this shop in awe and were quiet all afternoon (stuffing our faces from the giant carboard boxes of corn).

I also remember being quite concerned that some people got to live in stately white houses, with fudge brownies, yet lots of people were wearing all their clothes at once and sat in cardboard shacks, built temporarily over all the giant warm air ducts from heating all those memorials...

Francis Xavier Holden

Ahh yes. I have a long funny story.

It involves me being the only white guy on a full bus going down Martin Luther King Drive, coming to the attention of the driver and everyone else on the bus and eventually being the only disembarkation at the bus stop in front of St. Elizabeth’s, the psychiatric hospital famous for housing Ezra Pound for a while. Too long to tell here.


GT, GT ... nothing's coming to mind. Male or female?
I know someone who's from DC and yes, it's talked about as a humid mosquito swamp.



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