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June 23, 2007



Ok - J sounds totally weird. Why the confirmation call, and then the withdrawal? Maybe her husband wants her back now (or she wants him back)? It sounded so promising...

Keep looking!!!


I dunno, what did you expect? Do you ever read the classifieds when you're feeling well-balanced? For myself, I save the classifieds for when I need to feel better about myself.

Also, that poodle is back and it's most disconcerting.


Goodness, that sounds very snippy of me, doesn't it?


TPS -- you know the effect I have on people.

TC -- teh poodle has gone!

There's been another taker -- a dog lady also looking for a house-sit as a trial separation (this seems to be the way to go, people, if you want a break from your partner).

At least with the doglady, there won't be any forms of enmeshed attachment.

This morning when I came downstairs, Lulu started kneading a bag of cat litter. I then realised I hadn't brought in the litter tray last night after washing it. I opened the backdoor and Lulu bounded over to where the tray was leaning against the wall and stared at it meaningfully. She's such a clever cat. (Sorry; just had to share.)


Maybe you should advertise for a housesitter, not catsitter. That's what we do - successfully so far. (I know we're in a big city, so bigger pool of sitters, still...) There are also Housesitting websites - you never know.


Ah, I did put 'housesitter wanted' in the ad...

sandy webster

I think you had a lucky escape from catsitter woman. Am facing same problem with incontinent Bert. I want to go o/s for three or four weeks in Dec/Jan and I don't know what to do with her and can't bear thought of putting her in cat colditz for a month - not that there'll even be any places left in catteries, I'm guessing. Hope you have luck with housesitter.


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