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January 11, 2007



I just finished the Desai book too. It's strange, but compelling, I think. It felt like it was written by a young person but she's 35.


The book of 'Three Dollars' is okay. It draws out a lot more of the 'why' than the film does, ie, the wife has clinical depression that goes on for some time and financially imperils the family, the incident with the man and the dog is a little more probable in the book. But it didn't hugely grab me, and I felt the movie was pretty under-done as well. Just a bit average in that way Australian movies can often be.


Yes, the voice in Desai's book is young, I think possibly because it's most influenced by Sai's voice, if that makes sense.


I was a big fan of the Desai, too, and I agree with you that she pulls off the socio-political novel very deftly - the characters don't feel like tools of a political statement, they exist in their own right, and the story is utterly believable.

I saw 'Three Dollars' when it was released and quite liked it, though it is deeply flawed and doesn't handle the personal-political thing so well. It's a bit heavy-handed, and the homeless-after-one-day thing is ridiculous. But I had read the book, which I guess helps, and the little girl's performance made me cry (I cry easily at children in peril). And I'm a fan of both Wenham and O'Connor (who does a great line in likable, quirky depressives). Amanda - pah! Tiresome indeed.

A. N. Nanda


I also read Kiran Desai's "Inheritance of Loss" a month back. It was an interesting reading experience. There is one thing about character selection that every writer should always keep in mind: characters are to be chosen to do justice to the theme chosen and to the settings carved out. Here in her book, small characters like a cook or an illegal migrant, or a haggard old-timer or a numskull rustic have allowed themselves to be explored fully and decisively.

I've also attempted one review of this book in my blog . You may have a look.



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