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December 21, 2006



Excellent. I tag myself.

I'm of the generation that doesn't remember life before colour TV. For me the big innovation was moving to a town which had more than just the ABC.


I thought this looked like an easy one. It wasn't as easy as I thought!


we like to make things tricksy for others...


Brilliant. Just what I was in the mood for. I tag myself too!

Pavlov's Cat

Yep, joining the self-tagging team. Since I am older than nearly all of you (turns up hearing aid, adjusts woolly rug over knees, reflects that the world has gone to the dogs) my answers are likely to be quite different. Like remembering the young unknown Clint Eastwood in Rawhide, and the burning map in Bonanza, and the original Flintstones ...

I too saw the moon landing in a church -- Church of Christ, across the road from Adelaide Girls' High, where four months later I did my Leaving public exam in Asian History and blitzed the question on Islam. Thirteen years looked like a much bigger gap when I was sixteen and you were three, El!


Yes, it's funny how that happens, PC. I always thought you were twelve years older because of the year of the snake connection, but it might be 12.5 years or something.

Pavlov's Cat

Well, if you're a Virgo born in the Snake year of 1965, you would have had a birthday after the 1969 moon landing and turned 4. I had a Taurean birthday not long before said landing and turned 16. So it is twelve years, really.


And I turned nine that year, so I'm midway between the two of you and can probably remember almost as much telly as PC. I wasn't even aware we were watching the moon landing when our class of 45 eight year olds was dragged over the road to one of the last singlefronted terraces in Ringwood to crowd into the front room and look over each others' heads at a small telly. I only realised years later that the excursion to Lauren's house that day had been 'a giant step' for someone or other.

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