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November 15, 2006



hey that was longer than the one I did...


A ha! Pav Cat must have edited the meme or something (*immediately points finger without undertaking investigation first*)

Pavlov's Cat

Oi! I SAID I'd edited it! I GAVE the original link!

I dunno -- you lot that were taught to read with flashcards... It's a worry. (Oooh there'll be hate mail now from Whole Language people now.)

Good on El for doing the full 50, I say. I originally did that, looked at the VERY long post it made -- I do go on -- and decided it really was just too self-revealing, and that my answers to the ones I cut were too boring. I forgot how much people love memes, and now I'm tempted to go back and answer the 15 questions I left out.


Apologies, just laziness here (that was quick off the draw, tho!)in not checking your original post. Perhaps a new, 15 question meme is in store?

I don't know how I learnt to read, because I remember sitting on the mat in Kinder, thinking it was all boring and wondering why they used easy words on the flashcards like 'stopping'. (Actually, I remember being some kind of reading pain who complained about other kids' stumbling attempts to read.) I suspect I absorbed 'reading' somehow from being read to by my parents and from watching my older sister learn how to read.

Pavlov's Cat

With you on the absorption of reading. I vividly remember the moment I first "got" reading: I read out a label on a shoebox in the top shelf of my mother's big wardrobe that I could see over her shoulder while she was doing up my shoes. But the technique by which my generation was taught was pure phonics, which I think generally led to slower but more careful reading practices.

Re quick on the draw -- that's just thesis-examining avoidance behaviour.


Oh yeah. Whoops. Oh well. (In my defense my eyes were -- and stll are -- bleeding from trying to read Wine Grape Crush statistics and/or boring boring charts about structured wiring. My reading comprehension skills do tend to suffer after about 6pm.)


Well, I am in article-finishing avoidance here -- just don't want to write that final par that pulls it all together.

Pavlov's Cat

I have been known to spend longer on a final paragraph than on the whole rest of the article. Which is probably not what you feel like hearing someone say.

Kate, you are a hero. Wine Grape Crush statistics, eeww.


I hate final paragraphs, and as a result, mine tend to suck quite enormously.

Wine story done so I can go back to enjoying verdelho instead of writing about it.


I'm terrible with closing sentences -- it's like a disease. mine can almost always be dispensed with.


My closing paragraphs tend to be very weak and rushed. It's recently come to my attenton that this is a metaphor for not wanting to finish.


I am kind of glad that PC broke it up - it made it easier to do.

I did notice that you said in your original post that you had edited the questions down, but, for some reason, thought that this meant that there were hundreds of them...

I also hate finishing off articles etc. It is always at this point that I realise that I haven't really made the point that I was trying to make and now it is too late. I tend to aim for the "opening things out" paragraph, and this often fails.


Hmmm, are you sure that the 'opening things out' par isn't the introduction?


Reasons I envy Elsewhere
- writes like a dream
- living in amazing place
- strong , independent, very cool
- & fit
That said, my own life is pretty good too - it's not like I'm lying awake tossing & wishing we could trade places. But there are definitely things in your life to be jealous of.


Am delurking, hello, and nicking this meme, eventhough I'll be at it for ages.


Thanks, Janet & Mikhela.

I'm pretty jealous too, M, especially if you live somewhere near the Sunshine Coast.

Nick C

I'm jealous of you too. You know, the whole smartness thing...


Heh. And you're so dumb, Crusty...


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