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November 20, 2006



I burnt some pork fat - meant to be crackling - on the weekend. I was supervising the works in the back yard meant to be creating a garden but also eating the apple sauce from the jar with a spoon.

I shut the grill door and figured no one noticed. It took me an hour after work today to figure out where the smell in the kitchen came from.

Oh - that and I found a packet of that pre shredded coleslaw up against the back of my newish fridge.

Both the dogs spent a minute or two sniffing the burnt fat... to see if it was edible.


YOu know you're a blogger when the first thing that you do upon noticing the dinner's alight is take a picture of it.


*sniff* I think I'd be good at a crime scene.

Francsi Xavier Holden

What was it?

Francsi Xavier Holden

I meant to post this which I just read the other day - the comments also has a link to another food distaster.


It was a blade snake -- sob!

Speedy escargot?

Francis Xavier Holden

some one was trying to make me look silly by mispelign my name


That's ok, Francsi, it's been going on for a while.

You know, irony of this situation was that as I was dyeing my hair upstairs, I did entertain such thoughts as: 'Perhaps you should check the grill more often, in case meat catches on fire, you rush down, try to put it out, end up with rubber glove melded to hand, house burns down...nah, that's just've got to stop these catastrophising thought processes.'

Just goes to show that CBT is wrong; there is a point to catastrophising! The power of negative thinking rules...

Francis Xavier Holden

" I was dyeing my hair upstairs.."

That was after or before you dyed your hair downstairs?


Ha! You know what I mean...

Is it leather or denim jacket weather in Melb at present?

Francis Xavier Holden

It's sitting in the house with air con on weather - 34C outside


Definitely no jacket at all weather.


Hmmm, I remain supremely distrustful of Melbourne's weather, tho weatherzone is now forecasting a high of 26 on Saturday...which is about wot the temperature was when I got up this morning.

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