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September 04, 2006





I'll be there....sorry i haven't linked your blog yet...


I was really looking forward to you doing this meme, so thanks. Interesting how much childhood reading we share (except for Trixie Belden, which somehow I never got into).


I never got into TB either -- I hope I didn't give that impression.

I will drop by your blog soon -- going a bit crazy at the moment


this turned out to be fun to do - thanks e.


Trixie Belden totally ruled. Every Friday night when my mum and dad met their mates at the pub (they were innocent times in an innocent town) I got to go next door to the newsagent and buy a Trixie Belden book and this English magazine which had all these love stories in it. What was that magazine? Then I got sixty cents to play galaxian and even now I can beat pretty much anyone who challenges me at galaxian. But I wasn't allowed to buy a rasberry drink. Apparently red drinks were bad for you.


Was the magazine -SWALK-?

I read _Look and Learn_ (don't laugh too hard, Coy).

I can't believe you read Trixie Belden. That's shattered all my illusions about you, TC.


Oh, I could tell you much worse things about myself. Trixie Belden is quite high brow compared to some other phases of my life.

The magazine was called something way raunchier than SWALK.

Danny Yee

Ok, my answers are at


You would take _The Art of Computer Programming_ to a desert island? Would it matter whether there's a computer or not?

Danny Yee

_The Art of Computer Programming_ is about algorithms rather than about any particular programming language or languages, so it's not so dependent on having a computer.

It also covers a lot of material, some of it to a very high level. The exercises at the end of each section are graded from 0 to 50, with 0-10 being simple use of definitions and 40-50 being research problems. If I remember correctly, successfully solving anything graded 45+ would probably earn you a PhD, while anyone solving the 50 graded problems would be sure of Fields or Turing medals (Nobel prize equivalents in mathematics and computing).

I don't know how long I'm going to be stuck on this desert island, so I want something with a bit of substance to it!

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