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September 21, 2006



Tell her that she should remember it wasn't the actual Funeral she was watching, but the Memorial Service, and that it was held expressly for members of the public who had a need for that huge outpouring of sentiment - as well as a chance to express their grief.

Remind her that Irwin's family had attended a private funeral proper, earlier, and were accorded much respect for their choice in not accepting a State affair. I am sure they were happy with the media bonaza that yesterday became (Steve himself would have loved it!) and very glad that it was nothing like that truly apalling Other Funeral.


DON'T tell her that my daughter and I ended up sobbing on the sofa together and snotting all over tissues saying that poor little girl and we only managed to Boo Little Johnny in little voices cause we were busy being utterly utterly revolting. ME! Who always dismissed him as a lunatic who taught my kids how to milk cane toad poison.

I wonder if she cant get the rotten "True blue" tune outta her head this week now either?


Wow, thanks for blogging about this and in this way. You see, I had the same internal dilemma - could I blog about the awfulness of the funeral without looking tasteless. I decided to err on the side of caution as I wasn't as creative as you in thinking my way around the problem.
The Americanness of it was fascinating in an awful way.


She thought that the yarning around the campfire bit was probably the funeral to be at.

Nevertheless she couldn't help being intrigued by the notion of a funeral as wholesome, commercial family entertainment.

She was bemused by reports that the Croc Hunter had been buried on his own property. Would his grave be unveiled as a public memorial like Elvis's at Gracelands or Lady Di's Tennysonian island? Or would it be a top secret, undesignated location, somewhere in the wilds of Irwin's privately owned bushland?

She couldn't help thinking of that quote about Hemingway himself being the final game, tho it wasn't quite appropriate.

She felt Little Bindi would be orright, despite child psychologists' fears, because Bindi was just doing what she'd been brought up to do and she was probably exhibiting the phenomenon of Childhood Resilience Bounceback, seen in very young, seriously ill patients (who don't understand the full implications of what's happened to them).

Really, she remained sorry for poor old Steve's Dad and Terri and the sense of collapse they would feel once the media hype was over and they had to Face the Vacuum.


Thanks, elsewhere, for this. I couldn't wrap my head around it to attempt to blog it, but I think you've nailed a lot of the elements that were individually weird yet still somehow worked, for this memorial, for this person.


What she said.

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