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September 28, 2006



A friend of mine has read the book. She said her major problem with it was that she found it a bit boring -- over-stylised, as you suggested. I'm going to wait for the DVD.


Read the book and seen the movie, I mean. Gah. I am a commenting FOOL today.


The portentousness of it is probably reflected in the overearnestness of this review!


A friend gave me a free double pass to this today. I don't think I'll go.


Don't let me put you off!


Regard it as modern ballet, not sexual politics. Then it works. Maybe..

ampersand duck

I saw it as part of the recent AFI member screenings, and I'm glad I had that chance, because from its reviews it's not something I would ordinarily see. I enjoyed it, but it was a harrowing experience. I thought the transition from gorgeous-young-thing-open-to-everything-with-every-fibre-of-his-body to closed, surly, unshaven, wolfish-looking man was a bit unsubtle, but I guess that's the effect they wanted. There were other clunky moments, and your review is a good one, but I don't regret seeing the movie. They used the sets and surroundings well, and I really enjoyed Deborah Mailman. She's a national treasure.

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