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August 15, 2006



Ah, you're taking me back to 1965 when I walked down Bleecker Street in Greenwich Village thinking I was Bob Dylan.


Busing around in LA - now there's a travel story!


i remember american omelettes being v good!!! how do i remember this? i do not know. LA sounds fanastic, hope you are taking in all the sights. and what is the coffee like? is it as in the diners in movies, with endless refills from dripolators? can you order a real one? thinking of you from the outback!!

btw - sorry i didnt get back to you before you left, was in TFC all week.


HI everyone...I'm in Nawlins now. Too lazy to write a blog post about it ...yet.

The coffee was foul, on the whole. A bit like that Cona stuff they used to have in England. I resorted to buying from the Coffee Bean, which was almost strong enough.

And, no, Tracey -- before you ask, I didn't see Suri (tho she is being fed on barley formula in purdah at present).

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