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July 19, 2006



One of the IT guys here makes this terrible "MIPH!" muppet noise at the end of every sentence.

And does medieval dress ups on the weekend.


From memory, IT types, ex-Dungeons and Dragons aficionadoes and Classics students flocked to the Society for Creative Anachronism during my student days.

(the fact that i remember a time when there were Classics students shows my age.)


Is that true that you can scatter them anywhere? I thought there were quite strict rules about it.

They can be a bit odd, but one of the problems with working for yourself is no IT guy.


It may be a Territorial ruling. I would have thought, tho, that the local deli might not be the place, tho ashes are sterile.

I've been in plenty of workplaces where IT is outsourced. It is a lot better to have them on site.

Pavlov's Cat

'Course, if you've got a Mac, you don't need an IT guy.

Now that I've said that, something dreadful will happen before sunset.


Who'd really know where you'd scattered 'em?

When I was at uni the real history students looked down on the SCA because they didn't believe in accuracy.

And Zoe, does the IT guy 'around here' include the one you are married to?

Pavlov's Cat

We scattered my mum at the junction of the Murray and the Darling near the SA/NSW border (her adoptive and home states) -- she loved the river, especially that bit. I'm fairly sure we checked about legality first, but who knows, we may have committed a crime in two states.


A quick look at wikipedia seems to suggest very few rules, at least in the US, except for Catholics.

>Ashes can be scattered in national parks in the US, with a special permit. They can also be scattered on private property, with the owner's permission.<


Naomi, please! He's an IP guy.


Even with a Mac (which I don't have), sometimes it would be good to have someone to teach me new things and help me to do things in two minutes rather than two days. For example, stick the golden girls theme song in my sidebar.


Well, our IT man is big on _the golden girls_ -- he's watched the whole series online or something -- so he would gladly help.


Actually, that extra information about him has just creeped me out a teensy eensy bit. I'll work it out myself one day, I'm sure.


Sorry -- I'm v good on the 'too much information' score.


I recovered fairly easily

Danny Yee

I'm normal (and everyone else is strange), so not all IT people are crazy...


Oops! Sorry:-)


Normality is a subjective concept.

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