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July 16, 2006



I read this film as being about exchange, boundaries and questions of who has the right to what resources, particularly land/food supplies and women.

That seems very right to me, like everything else you've said. Great review, El.

One thing the movie did to me was make me very eager to visit Arnhem Land. It's interesting that it's filmed in a way that makes it look different than it does in reality to someone who's seen it herself. To me it looked quite gorgeous - especially the ground on the grassy plains - they looked soft and fluffy and like they would feel nice underfoot.


It might also depend on the time of year. Some of my pictures from the wet can be seen here:

I wouldn't say it looked that different to how I saw it -- just drier, and more bleached out. Of course, I'm biased after living in the desert.

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