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July 14, 2006


david tiley

Rilly nice. Thanks.


Lovely contrasts.

I initially thought the skyline silhouette was some sort of radio-telescope and started bouncing excitedly. I see in the larger version it's a balancing boulder sculpture instead, which is very nearly as cool as a radio telescope. Neat landmark.


Oh, it's a really controversial one, actually -- Flynn's Grave. Originally, the Uniting Church pinched one of the Devil's Marbles up near Tennant to perch over Flynn's box of ashes. Then the traditional owners for the area complained and the Church had to give it back. Some local Arrernte people offered the current stone to the Church to make up for the loss of the marble.


Oh dear. Sometimes these sorts of squabbles really do nothing for the memory of the one being honoured, do they?

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