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July 30, 2006



Oh, I'm loving this and laughing out loud. Just yesterday I was contemplating that Indian man on the wall in Clifton Hill. Brilliant!

Pavlov's Cat

'Rotate your internal groin upwards'?

Not sayin' nuthin'.

Actually, I think my favourite line here is 'If you could know how long we held plough pose'. Been there, though you may not believe it. Metre is always potentially funny, but I didn't think you were allowed to be funny about yoga!


>'Rotate your internal groin upwards'< is a direct quote from Saturday morning. Spent much time trying to work out if any of the various bon mots sprinkled throughout the session would scan.


Well, although, as my yoga teacher says, yoga is not a competition, your shoulder stand in that photo (I assume that's you) is an excellent one, better than mine which slants terribly.


It is me; in headstand taken about ten years ago. I think I'm collapsing onto my left shoulder a little. (I now no longer do headstand, but that's another story.)


Oh crikeys - that is another thing I have to sign up for - yoga? I think this one worries me most "With drooping tits on the wall beaming down" - for me its more likely.... oh... gee...go through the wall and the drooping tits will hopefully blindfold me?

And "rotate your groin upwards"? ... from where? I really do have to go to a yoga session don't I? What happens if you snicker? fart? decide you have a wonderfully funny story to tell? Are the walls very solid? Can all attendees stand on their head?


No, not everyone has to stand on their head. And the walls are solid. And people do fart.

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