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July 18, 2006



wonderful photos riding the loop - you have captured it beautifully. sunset was amazing with the ranges on fire like that. and YES this is canberra (thought I had got away from that freeze.)

also - was amazing to walk out on my balcony this morning to an absence of ranges (inc gillen) entirely - it was like alice got lost somewhere (confused by all that low cloud)and hasn't yet found it's way back home...


Canberra's still really pretty tho, esp during the Autumn.


My fave is the top one, it's very painterly and the light is gorgeous. (What camera do you use, incidentally? If I wasn't broke I'd be buying myself a Nikon D70 right now.)


I use a quite humble Nikon Coolpix 3200 with 3.2 megapixels.

Do you recommend the Nikon D70 highly? I'm interested in getting a digital SLR and I'll be going through duty-free in about a month (tho goodness knows if I can really afford such a thing).


The little point 'n' shoot digicam is a wonderful thing, I carry my Canon ixus with me everywhere.

Do I rate the D70? Yes, it's a superb camera, but the D50 is around half the price (lens and camera kits start at under $1000 for the D50, as opposed to around $2000 for the D70) and has a similar feature set.


On the net, there are pricings for the D70 at $1000 & $800 -- USD.


Wow - even better! OK, I admit I'm catching up on my reading of blogs all round.

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