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July 21, 2006



These days I adore PlaySchool - it really does buy you a hot cup of coffee. Year before last year, in particular, it seemed to be on at exactly the right time. And it does give some good ideas to craft-challenged parents. But, yeah, all I really remember from when I were a child is Hamble. Oh, and my mum never wanted to make any of the things, and she wasn't at all interested in making us a useful box.


You're already forty? Surprised.


Thanks! :-) Mutual flattery here...

jerry pendell

i have given this almost magical passage of time some thought,and this is my conclusion.time flows only one way,eternity is nothing more than the present moment,a persons life is lived one moment after another.if you are constantly living for the future,you lose the present.yesterday is only a memory if you live in the past,you loose the to live in the present moment and do the things that you want to do or your life will be over in what seems like a brief moment. pax vobiscum

jerry pendell

the past is just a memory,the future is promised to no one,all we have is the present moment.a persons life consists of one moment after another,if you do not live in the moment and do the things you want to do,your life is gone in what seems to be one moment.eternity is experienced in the present moment,God is eternal because of no beginning and is always in the present moment. pax vobiscum


It's hard to get the balance of perspective right on this one!

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