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July 13, 2006



AVG is free - and best yet the original blokes who developed it were AUSSIES! I haven't looked back.


I've had similar interactions with offshore call centres recently and I can completely empathise with your point here. Can be quite frustrating indeed...

Francis Xavier Holden

Anything Norton is bad news. Norton (anything) has a tendency to take over your computer. Use AVG - it's free and good.

It's not unreasonable or rascist to ask that call centres dealing with an english(ish) speaking customer should speak good english.

I've worked (and socialised) with Indians for a lot of my life - there is no inherent communication problem.

I've been plagued lately by cold calling sales droids from India about 7 times a day - so much so that I do not answer my office phone at all between 12 and 1:30 pm but let it go through to message bank.

I have no problem at all with overseas call centres IF THEY PERFORM. One of my best experiences was with a Singaporean call centre / help desk. The guy's english was not that fluent but his manner was helpful and he knew answers and he rang me back several times, unasked, with information, over several days.

It's not rascist or condescending to ask for adequate communication skills.

I do agree that there are important cultural differences that are fundamentally important to help-desks that are better handled by person domociled in that country. I hate to be 'assisted' by someone from Queensland


I haven't heard of AVG...but I'm stuck with Norton now for another year. I wish I'd made the break.

The thing about Queensland made me laugh out loud!

(Btw, Typepad has crashed over the last day or so. This seems to happen every time they 'upgrade'; on the bright side, they usually offer you a freebie to compensate. If you notice that some of your comments are missing, it's not that I didn't like them, they've just been sucked into a black hole somewhere within Typepad.)


ditto - have had problems with Norton, none with AVG. As for backups - the latest Nero (cd burning software) has a neat backup option (I've just set it up for my father), and I think it ghosts your disk as well if you want it. I'm heavily into the good freeware movement - so much so that I'd actually pay for it!

Danny Yee

AVG is a step towards freedom... The real thing can be found at or

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