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July 26, 2006



I too seem to have lost the time to read -- now I work from home and rarely commute, I read in staccato bursts. I am now trying to fit reading into the 30-45 minutes I allow myself over brekkie in the morning.

One problem is that when I start reading, I can't stop, and everything else is neglected. So I tend to not start reading a book because if I'm into it, I have trouble even stopping for food. Which feels awfully indulgent when you're semi-employed and trying to write and the house is a shambles and the dog needs a walk, etc etc.


Oh, *that* Doctorow.

I thought your taste in literature had changed radically for a moment there...


What other Doctorow is there? (forgive ignorance)

Danny Yee

Train trips - when I don't get a lift to/from uni with C. - are good for maybe an hour and a half of reading. Otherwise all my time seems to be spent in front of a computer - some of which is sort of reading, but news stories and blogs somehow don't really count.

I still manage to read a couple of books a week. The gory details can be found at




Oops. Forgot to reply! Cory Doctorow of is the other one.

He's a very interesting science fiction writer. Interesting not least because he gives away a large amount of his work on the internet as well as being traditionally published.

I challenge you to read "Someone Comes To Town, Someone Leaves Town". The protagonist is the child of a mountain and a washing machine.

I once wrote and asked if he was any relation to the more famous E. L. and he said "probably" and he would ask his mother.

Danny Yee

Yes, I thought you meant Cory at first too, until I saw the book cover. I guess that means I'm more of an sf geek than a current lit person...

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