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June 14, 2006



At a certain stage, you'll find that there are a lot of childless or now-childfree older people to spend time with. I've been hanging out with quite a few people in their 60s, which is a slightly odd sensation at first.


You could have taken a cat or two along with you on the picnic - that would have livened things up.


Cats aside - your pictures here of the trees are very impressive. Picked up your photography skills from your Dad no doubt. Have you thought of submitting something for the Festival of the Trees?



Thanks, Jude. Trees are one of the things I make a point of photographing. Not sure that humble point-and-shoot photos will make the grade, but I'll have a look...


I love catching up with your photos - they're helping me slowly slough away that primary school image of the Red Centre as this bare place that's flat apart from Uluru. I've known since high school that my primary school image was wrong, but it still persists.

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