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June 17, 2006



phew....great post, though your guess was right and I have absolutely no idea what is this UXB whereof you speak. On the strength of hearing it spoken of in the same breath at Brideshead, though, I'm going to try to get it from a library.

There is a community TV station in Melbourne and large slabs of daytime are programmed by something called Renaissance TV which is aimed at OAPs. They show repeats of Brideshead and other Thatcherite Granada TV productions (the Raj Quartet etc) - bit dangerous if you work at home.


Oh I am feeling so nostalgic... i loved Brideshead!Scarey enough.. it allowed me to discuss SEXUALLITY with my family! Man I was so grown up! I did put my teddy bears away but.


Really? It seems patently obvious to me now both watching and reading BR that S & C were lovers, but at the time I was prepared to run some line with my family that you couldn't tell one way or the other.

Laura--re-watching BR will be next on my list. WOuld love to see the Raj Quartet again.


No wait.. I have a further confession. I loved the life and times of david loyd astor and The Nanny........... ahh I hope someone can edit my typos!


Don't worry about the typos. I do remember the quality BBC dramas of which you speak.


I believe I am the only person in the history of the world who went to a Brownies dress up party as Sebastian Flyte. My bear was already called Aloysius and I even had a special gag brandy balloon hunted out by my mum for the occasion. I don't think Brown Owl or any of the kids got it, but I felt very grand.


A *Brownies* dress up party? I'm speechless.


At last - I've found the other person who watched A Horseman Riding By.
The WW2 drama I recall most clearly was The Secret Army.
Ride On Stranger?
Or perhaps that's slightly before your time?
I think there was a kind of khaki TV-noir perfected by the BBC (shown on Sunday nights on the ABC) in that era. Perfect performances, dodgy sets. Fabulous.


But what about the sets for their medieaval period pieces?

The khaki-noir TV period coincided nicely with my reading of Wilfred Owen and other doomed youth type poetry.

I thought _Secret Army- was a bit ho-hum in some ways.

(Remember: To Serve Them All My Days?)

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