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June 14, 2006


Pavlov's Cat

Wow. I hope my last day looks like that.

Did you take this? What a great shot of him to have.


No, my sister took it. Pretty much a non-digital, point and shoot number, but well shot.


Is he looking down from a great height on islands or are they level with him? I can't work out the perspective.


He's standing on a rock bed at the edge of the beach. They're just bits of rock in the water, rather than islands. It's part of that national park on the central coast, up from Lake Munmorah.


Agfa and Ilford have gone belly up and I think Kodak is only just hanging on. Film cannot be beat for quality but getting it processed may become nigh impossibleur.


So I should start hoarding film cannisters and set up my own darkroom?


Digital SLRs produce a far superior result to the point and shoot variety. I haven't printed out any images yet, but I didn't have the same experience with the point and shoot kind that you did.

A lot depends on the number of megapixels and the quality of the optics. The point and shoot that I have successfully printed from is an Olympus 4 megapixel camera.

Since getting involved in the Flickr Sydney Photobloggers group, I've come across a number of people who are into film in the same way that some people are into vinyl records (wonder what your friend born in 1980 makes of those). I reckon film will stay around to cater for that niche market, along with kit to develop your own photos :)

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