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January 23, 2006


Pavlov's Cat

My late lamented Ma, when we were babies on a farm where the red dust blew the squillion kilometres straight down from the Centre every time there was a hot northerly, was wont in a heatwave to hang up sopping-wet sheets between our cots and the pedestal fan. Given the number of hideous accidents lurking in that scenario (and it was the 1950s, house plumbed to rainwater tank only, generator electricity only, isolated farmhouse where no-one could hear you scream, etc), it's really quite remarkable that my sisters and I have lived to tell the tale.

Wonderful photos. I love the subtlety of that landscape. The ghost cars are very sinister: shades of The Cars That Ate Paris.

And a great story of the redoubtable Olive Pink. Can there be anyone else whose name consists of two colours? (Actually I've thought of one already -- Lavender Brown in Harry Potter. D'oh.)


I put my three year old to bed last night with a wrung-out damp muslin on top of him - in Canberra.

A beautiful post. I've only spent a very little time in the Centre, but that palette of colours hasn't left me.


Oh thanks! I've never really seen this. Not at all how I thought. Greener.


Thanks...glad to know the wet muslin tradition is still going. And yes, Jean, it is green (terrible rhyme), but the degree of greenness changes with the light -- i.e. it's much greener after it rains or at the end of the day. But as you can see from some of the photos, the ground coverage isn't complete -- i.e. the grass and shrubs are pretty tussocky. Strictly speaking, we're in the arid zone rather than the desert. As you get closer to the Simpson desert, things get a lot more stark -- the soil is very orange (i.e. 'red') tho there's still a sparse ground coverage of rather burnt looking plants. From the plane, this looks like the remnants of last night's spag bol on the bottom of the pan.



I'll be in Alice for the second time at the end of next week, and the pictures make me look forward to it...




long shadows are delicious I think.

I've come back here via Tiley

The orange thing - last time in Sydney I photographed bjillions of doorways, this year it was countless closeups of the harbour bridge (a truly awe inspiring structure1) and a heritage listed hotel at Genolen called Caves House

- almost no friends and family in sight. I enjoyed the orange thing - a colour guide to Australia.

Very pleased to meet you.


Thanks...I will visit your blog if you have a link...

Evan Chamberlain

Hi There,

I am currently in preproduction for a new Travel Series on TG4, Ireland's National TV Station. The new series will feature the Award Winning travel presenter, Hector O hEochagáin making his way around Australia on the Full Circle route from Darwin to Darwin.

He’s been on the beat with the NYPD in New York City, roamed the streets of Amsterdam looking for love, taken an undercover tour of Bolivia’s most notorious prison, been on stage with the Ladyboys in Bangkok, trained with the Foreign Legion in French Guyana, sang Irish songs with the Indians of the Amazon in Brazil, got his kit off with the world-famous Chippendales in the Rio in Vegas, run with the bulls in Pamplona, ridden with the cowboys in Nashville, and had a chinwag with Hugh Hefner and the Playboy bunnies at the Playboy Mansion in Beverly Hills … The list goes on and on ...
Most recently he has taken the Epic Trip overland in Africa from Cairo to Cape Town.

He has One Continent left to explore and in 2006 that is his goal !

So Australia here we come ....

Hector's journey will take him from his beginning at the Summit of Ayers Rock Northwards through the Outback to Darwin, Eastwards across Northern Queensland to Cairns and then South along the Gold Coast to Sydney and then further South to Melbourne taking a quick trip to Tasmania before embarking on the trip Westwards through Adelaide and Coober Pedy to Perth before taking to the North again as he speeds up the West Coast through Broome to return to Darwin hopefully in one piece !

At this moment in time we would hope to be heading off for Australia in early April 2006 making our way to Sydney about 3/4 weeks later .. We would then return to Ireland .. and return in Mid May for another 4 weeks to conclude the project ...

The programme is shot using a digital camcorder, no bigger that an ordinary Hi 8 camera. There is no extraneous sound or lighting equipment. The whole operation is of necessity very compact. With a crew of 3 (which includes Hector) and the camera as the sole piece of equipment we will be of little distraction.

We tend to base our filming for about 4 days in each region.

This is an 8 part series of half hour programmes to be broadcast in Autumn 2006.

The Programme Layout will look like this :

Programme 1. Begin at Ayer's Rock, Alice Springs and Northward to Darwin
Programme 2. Darwin across Northen Queensland to Cairns
Programme 3. Cairns to Brisbane and down the Gold Coast.
Programme 4. Brisbane to Sydney to Melbourne.
Programme 5. Tasmania to Adelaide
Programme 6. Coober Pedy to Kalgoorlie and Coolgardie.
Programme 7. Perth to Port Headland and the West Coast
Programme 8. The Final Trek through Broome and back to Darwin.

I am looking for pretty off beat stories ... however I would be interested to hear from you what are the obvious areas of interest ie. Indigenous Stories, Customs, Interesting Activiites, Festivals at this time, Unusual experiences and people .... I want to keep out of the capital cities this time unlike what I have done in Asia and South America where I spent my time walking the streets and getting into the food and the people in that way .. This time just as in Africa, I hope to be on the move as though Hector is moving through the country by Jeep or other form of Transport and experiencing the people through meeting them in their natural home setting ... Well that's the aim anyway ...

We are looking for mad stories, unusual people to interview, weird things, interesting, off track, wacky stories etc ...... anything that would be really mad television viewing. We will be doing the normal stuff aswell but it is the other content that really makes the programme what it is.

I will be looking for a guide and transport also on each of the legs of the journey but that is another days work. If this is something you offer please let me know.

Any ideas would be most welcome ... The Irish people have had a long and very fruitful relationship with Australia and so this series I'm sure will be very poular.

Kindest Regards,


Evan Chamberlain,

Producer / Director,

Good Company Productions Ltd.

Tullamore, Co.Offaly, Ireland.

Tel / Fax ++ 353 506 60681
Mobile ++ 353 86 8338628
Email [email protected]

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