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January 09, 2006



Sorry to hear of the run of torrid weather you are currently enduring. But glad to note you are now out of your Narnia postings phase. Even as a child I could never handle those fantasy books - and your reviews served to reinforce that opinion - so I'm pleased not to have to sit through any of the movie versions now.

Did you see any other movies in Sydney you'd recommend?


Yeah, I had the feeling you were the down-to-earth sort who wouldn't have had any truck with talking animals.

There were a lot of movies in Sydney I would have liked to have seen, including the George Clooney one on the McCarthy era, but I literally had no time to get to the cinemas (or a Thai restaurant for that matter). I caught _Russian Dolls_ in a small window of time I had between 'engagements' as it were, but suspect you wouldn't be into French shared household films...I'm going to King Kong tonight. Unfortunately, I'm quite cut off from the serious movie circuit these days.

Weatherzone says it was 35 C at 8.30 here. Once again,it 'feels like' 32 C. My life is ruled by weatherzone at the moment.

Pavlov's Cat

I think that 'feels like' category is hysterical, as you say. Feels to whom, pray? I have days when it 'feels like' I'm 75 years old, too, but I wouldn't presume to declare it a regional benchmark.

I'm going to see The Constant Gardener this afternon so will report back. I like following individual actors' trajectories and performances from one movie to the next, so I look forward to Ralph Fiennes in a totally different role from Lord Voldemort, as whom he was quite breathtaking; I was trying to imagine what it would have been like to be on the movie set while he was doing that. Sort of like Robert Carlyle as Begbie in Trainspotters, going berserk in the bar -- the sort of performance that makes you think the idea of demonic possession has something in it after all.


Sigh! Ralph Fiennes is so evilly attractive in an insectivorous kind of way. (But the person I really find evilly attractive is Joaquin Phoenix.)

We might be lucky to get _The Constant Gardener_ in two years time for one Sunday night at the Araluen centre (obv I've just returned from 'civilisation').

Apparently,'feels like'is based on some scientific criteria to do with dew point, wind velocity, barometric, etc. I suspect Tjilpi might be able to explain...

Account Deleted

I commenced work here in mid December 1978. I recall that there was a run of 14 days which were 40+, somewhere soon after I started, probably January 1979.


Then the Centralian Fabricate is wrong ! That's a surprise!


Interesting, "feels like" must be somehwat equivalent to the wind chill factor. I was wondering if there was a wind heat factor, as the hot wind certainly made Sydney's Big Hot Day feel very hot - I was at the beach and where you'd normally expect a cooling breeze was a searing wind - certainly made it "feel like" hell.

Coy Lurker

Agree with you re: Joaquin Phoenix!

I've never been able to get over Ralph Feinnes' Pinnochio-like makeup in Oscar and Lucinda, which emphasised his woodenness and a rather glazed quality...


I finally got around to considering your prompt. I didn't know how it was worked out - so, went to the Glossary - where weatherzone directs one to go for "understanding".

There is an entry called "Feels Like" which refers to a couple of other "inventions" which are used to better describe what clothes one should wear, or how much eggnishing one might require. My conclusion was that I can understand "Wind Chill Factor" more easily than "Feels Like". Wind Chill Factor can make a difference of -15 degrees but "Feels Like" seems to only make a difference of 0.8 degree for those of us who live in arid-zona.

I think it would be better expressed as "It's hot" and "It's bloody hot and humid too".

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