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October 01, 2005





Glad you shared the story about your brother. The fact that he had been living so far away must have made your family's loss even more distressing. Sad that you will never have the chance to get to know him any better now. My younger sister and I went in different directions in our teens and didn't really get to appreciate one-another's company until we were middle-aged.

I identify with your concern over 'a world that increasingly values pragmacy and presentation ... over substance and values'. I certainly remember feeling cynical about jobs I was in even 20 years ago, but I'm glad I'm not a young idealist just entering the workforce today!




Yours is a remarkable family, all the more so for your ability to reflect on that fact. It seems that your most rewarding achievements are not those rewarded financially, but as in intellectual, social or emotional challenge. It's just sad that the rest of the world is incresingly dismissive of this sort of achievement (or is it?).

Hard to believe that it's two years. Helps me treasure my family even more.


Thanks again

Danny Yee

A wonderful thing about free (open source) software is that once something is contributed to the codestream, its influence will continue forever, even if any specific code is modified beyond recognition.

So long after I stop using Dhog's 9wm window manager, 9wm's influence on Rio and lwm - and through them on other projects - will continue. Heck, my 9wm page is still getting over half a dozen visitors a day.


Danny Yee

And of course there's all of David's work on Plan 9 and Brazil, which I don't know anything about.


Cosmic recylcing!

Brazil? I've never heard of that one before...makes me think of the Terry Gilliam film.

Danny Yee

Brazil was a kind of successor to Plan 9 and was named after the Terry Gilliam film (just as Plan 9 was named after the Z-grade 50s SF movie).

I think it was David who first introduced me to Terry Gilliam, though I don't know if he had any part in choosing the name Brazil.

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