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August 01, 2005


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Arrrrggghhhhh. I saw some of it too, before I an acute attack of emesis. Julz was too interested reading the latest HP (Houses of Parliament Sauce) to pay much attention - but Harry got her back within a nanosecond. Yuck. Ugh. Bad acting. Bad script. Bad plot. Bad, bad, bad, bad. I think I'll take a bath. So you see, I also speak German "das unheimliche". Rupert the Bear (Murder-in-the-Dock) ought to be hung drawn and quartered. That man came from an respectable (intellectual and morally brave) background. He smells like Gorgonzola.


Out of curiousity I looked in on 'the ALICE' last night too - although it was a later episode showing here. When I saw the title I was expecting a doco, but I watched it anyway. Having never been to A.S. I was just interested to see some of the scenery. But you were absolutely right about the lousy story-line, characters and acting. Anyway it has been good to read the reviews of a couple of locals - which are far more graphic and compelling than the soapie turned out to be. You two should both be flat out blogging all that stuff for posterity. And with that fine cast of personalities you've just drawn, El, you ought to be writing the great Alice novel - to be published after you've gone of course.


Glad to hear that the readers of this blog have good taste also. A shame really that they didn't show more of the scenery!


My father was a Pharmaceutical Chemist. He once said that my education was paid for by the consumers of APC (Aspirin, Phenacitin and Caffeine) Powders and Tablets.

He took the products off his shelves long before the combination was officially abandoned as a result of the renal damage it caused.

He once pointed out to me a white powder in the bottom of a Tea Chest. Not sure if you have ever seen a Tea Chest - I haven't for a while. They were the boxes tea was imported in. They were largish tin foil lined three-ply boxes with, for the unwary, dangerous metal edging.

Dad explained that the white powder was caffeine, which had separated from the dessicated tea leaves. He pointed out that boxes such as the one he was showing me were the source of the caffeine contained in Bex and Vincent's.

(It is OK to use a possessive apostrophe when there is a generally understood elipsis of that which is possessed, ie Powders.)

And while I'm on the case - I think the WA blogger Jude referred to has it wrong. It was: "A cup of tea, a Bex, and a good lie down." Thereby ensuring a double hit of caffeine.

The reality though was probably this: A cup of tea, a Bex, a fag, and a good lie down.

I've seen a few Bex affected kidney cases and I'm sure they had more addictions than Bex.


'really The Alice looks like an excuse just to set an east coast style soap against the exotic backdrop of Centralia'

What's wrong with that? I mean, really, you folks should stop being so parochial and appreciate that you are doing a service for the fantasists in the real Australia.

You forgot how tidy and shiny all the girls' hair is - not a bead of sweat on their brows neither.

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