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July 16, 2005


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Fascinating stuff, El. I've only ever seen one axillary vein thrombosis. It was in an Australian aboriginal woman. In my experience, as well as that of our local ultrasonographers, aboriginal Australians do not have the same tendency to clot as we Europeans do. In the case I diagnosed (blush) the woman had a very rare underlying disorder unrelated to cats or yoga.

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PS - I have seen venous thromboses develop in the legs of elite MTB riders, due to a combination of an inherited tendency to clot and vigorous exercise.

I wonder if it is possible to get forearm DVTs from overly vigorous blogging?


Actually, I read a very interesting article (during my mad vascular phase) about vascular complications in athletes and cyclists were mentioned as a prime candidate for something-or-other because of over-vigorous legwork (+ also penile thrombosis!). But funny you should say that about blogging -- I spoke to Dr Geoff, the fly-in sports doctor, and he thought I was at greater risk for an 'e-thrombosis' from too much computer work with bad posture than I was for a 'paget-schroetter' style SAVT. Also, one of the physios here had a patient who got an arm clot from an exercise she gave him with a band round his shoulders. Interestingly, she guessed correctly what he had when he rang her and pointed the patient in the right direction...


Pretty staggering to think that it may have been caused by the weight of Jessie. If this were the case, I can't understand why it isn't a more common occurrence. There are plenty of people who habitually sleep entwined with with partners or infants - you would think they would all be at risk.


There are other cases reported of people developing a thrombosis from sleeping in an unusual position, particularly when drunk. It could just be a freak occurrence in my case, it could be the particular idiosyncrasies of the position in which I habitually slept with the cat (e.g. arm at close to a 90 deg angle) or it could be something else. All sorts of unusual causes of this thrombosis were cited to me, such as a policeman jumping up through a manhole, a woman raising her hands when she learned to dance, surfers carrying surfboards under their arm, ABC camera operators carrying cameras, hairdressers blowdrying hair -- it was fairly freakish territory!
Another interesting thing I was told is that more people may have these clots than is realised but the clot resolves or the veins re-route (collateralise) round the obstruction.

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