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July 05, 2005



While you have the time on holiday, I think you should provide clear advice on the exact breed and colour of cat Jude should buy.


Hope your mother didn't take it personally El, when you went off to check out cemeteries and burial options while she was in hospital.
Back on the cats ....although I have read of people in NY paying $5,000 - 10,000 for an exotic breed (e.g a Savannah), it would never enter my mind to actually pay for a cat. I can remember as a kid being offered countless unwanted kittens for free. If you're that way inclined, it makes sense to give a home to an animal that might otherwise be put down. But I'm still not that way inclined.


How long are you in Sydney for? Want to drop by the You-Know-What building?


Most of my cats are rehabilitated strays. It would seem fairly easy to pick up a few more strays in Alice...don't know about the Hinterland.

Jude -- didn't tell my mother about the trip to the Memorial Parl. Being Irish, she will understand.

John -- I emailed your 'bounce' address.



I can only apologise about the whole bum-over-cat-tray business. For years Bert managed to position her bum inside the cat tray. Then, one day, something snapped inside her small skull and ever since she has chosen to hang her bum over the edge. Am also sorry to hear she shat by the front door. It sounds like you had a week of cat extrusions to deal with...


it's the company she's keeping (LOL)

a whitebait

Nice photo El but you want to be careful how you position it next to a blog title like this: who is the sublime and who is the kitsch?


Good question, I've often wondered myself.

Btw, I still have some of your old house keys. Guess it's too late to give them back!

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