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May 21, 2005



El, just in case get back to blogging in the future and need to use the word, I am wondering what the masculine form of "sluttage" is?


Well, you could probably be a slut too, if you wanted. From memory, Frank Moorhouse extends the word to refer to both sexes in _Fortyseventeen_. Or perhaps you could look at 'pimpage' or 'spivage'.


During the time of the Vietnam War, when King's Cross was full of US Soldiers on R&R from active duty, I spent a day with a pimp and his working girls.

I saw myself conducting social research at the ripe old age of 19!

So, pimpage won't do...

As for spivage...I no longer possess a polo-necked that cuts out spivage.

I just don't feel right thinking of myself as a slut.

Even though some would say I have lived most of my life as one!

(Please keep that last piece of information to yourself, and don't broadcast it on the net.)



Are you sure you haven't done that already!

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