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May 31, 2005



The Da Vinci Code is, as you've correctly guessed, complete nonsense, but worse than that, not even original nonsense.

Here's a summary:

* Jesus married Mary Magdalene

* They had a kid

* Therefore there are living descendants of Jesus

* The Church has kept this a big secret

* blah blah blah

I haven't read it either. But the whole thing first came out in the seventies in a book called Holy Blood, Holy Grail, so any literate over thirty may well have heard this theory and dismissed it altogether long ago.


Hey John, thanks for that! A quick query on another subject -- are there any mobiles in Australia yet that enable podcasting?


Just to prove that I am over 30 I should let you know that I skim read "Holy Blood and Holy Grail" last Easter. I started reading it line by line, until I worked out that it was a crock, and then I did the skim reading thing for corroborative evidence. It's a crock.

I also dipped into Frank Yerby's "Judas, My Brother". It was a most religious time.


Someone on Language Log pointed out that even the title "The Da Vinci Code" is a solecism--Da Vinci isn't a family name, it just means "from Vinci", which of course was a common kind of thing to do with names in the olden days (Catherine of Aragon, Mary of Guise, Jesus of Nazareth, that sort of thing). It's not just a surname that happens to have a particle attached, like de Gaulle etc, that's a modern thing (which of course derives from the older practice). So the correct short version of the name is "Leonardo", and if anything the book should be called "The Leonardo Code".

kyan gadac

kinda like da fonz hey!


!!! :-)


Poor Tony Robinson - since playing Baldrick he's become a well-known presenter of historical radio and TV programmes, as well as quite a prominent figure in the British Labour Party (I'm not saying that's better, just different!), but he'll always be Baldrick...

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